Judge Decision 3/28/2015


SCAR Outraged by Decisions of Q.B. Judge & Sask. Police Commission in RPS Abuse Case

The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR) is speaking out, again, about the violent actions of a Regina police officer after the release of a surveillance video showing his actions in kicking a man outside of the Detox Centre in Regina two years ago. “Officer Power’s actions were absolutely unacceptable,” said Bob Hughes in an interview yesterday in the same area that the assault took place. Hughes stated that he has been working as a mental health and addictions worker for 30 years and he had never “felt the need to kick someone.” “It is for just such reasons that I have seldom, if ever, called police to assist with any situation that I have encountered in my work. Those actions show a complete lack of regard for the victim’s well-being and are in strong contrast to the victim’s concern for the family of the officer in asking that he not be fired. The statement of a Q.B. Court judge, ‘that the lower court had not taken into account the law as it applies to self defense’, would be laughable in this case if it wasn’t so outrageous,” said Hughes.” Anyone who knows the victim, and the RPS officers certainly do, knows that he is not capable of posing a threat to anyone because of his present health condition. SCAR is again asking that, if officer Power is allowed to continue as an RPS employee, that he be kept behind a desk where he won’t be able to hurt anyone else. It is clear to us that any officer who kicks a defenseless person in broad daylight is capable of much more violent actions in the dark of the night. SCAR is hoping that this incident will encourage positive change of police procedures and further discussions about community concerns about police abuse and accountability. SCAR is also hoping that such discussions will give support to the many officers who also want to rid their organization of such abusive officers.

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