Peekeekoot Case 3/26/2015



The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR) is speaking out today after the Supreme court of Canada has made a decision to deny Andy Peekeekoot leave to appeal his Dangerous Offender (D.O.) designation to the Supreme Court of Canada. “We are absolutely sickened by what has been allowed to pass for ‘justice’ in the Saskatchewan Justice system in this case,” said SCAR spokesperson Bob Hughes.

The predicate case upon which Peekeekoot’s D.O. was launched with racial bias and a lack of concern for proper investigation and then deteriorated further with evidence of judicial bias, sanitized transcripts, representation void of due diligence, coercion and court hearings with little or no regard for the truth. In August 2005, Andy Peekeekoot entered a bar in Shell Lake along with his younger brother and another young man to pick up some beer. Andy entered the washroom and when he came out it was obvious that something was going on as the conversation came to a halt. When Andy asked what was going on his brother Shawn said that the two other much larger caucasian males were trying to fight with them. As a fight ensued, with these larger men beating on Peekeekoot’s brother and friend, Andy kept yelling for them to break it up, with no response. When that didn’t happen, Andy remembered a knife he had found earlier at the lake, and he yelled “I’ve got a knife!”. The larger men stopped their assault on Peekeekoot’s brother and friend and he ordered the kids out of the bar which they did. Peekeekoot then placed the knife back into the sheath and then approached the counter to try to reason with the bartender who had called the RCMP. As Peekeekoot left the bar, two males ran past him and again attacked his brother and his friend and, again Peekeekoot hollered for them to break it up. RCMP arrived at that time and threatened to deploy a taser on Peekeekoot. RCMP then arrested Andy Peekeekoot after only getting statements from the non-aboriginal combatants and charged him with ‘assault with a weapon’ which was used by Judge Deshaye as the predicate charge to have him designated a dangerous offender. In fact no RCMP officer ever did talk to Peekeekoot in investigating this assault on his companions. The RCMP, sank to an even lower level of fallaciousness by later saying that it was Cst. Bordage who was going to be speaking to Peekeekoot. Of course, Cst. Bordage was not able to be questioned as he was no longer alive to speak for himself. Can injustice sink much lower? “It absolutely can, and did as this case snaked its way through the Saskatchewan so-called Justice system,” stated Hughes. “ We are working right now on an article that will reveal the whole sordid truth of this horrendous story of injustice and it is one of which those in the Saskatchewan Justice system should be truly ashamed! Oh, I’m sure that some will drag out a series of ‘facts’, however, we are more interested in the ‘truth’. As a famous architect once said, ‘truth is more important than the facts’. We will never stop repeating the truth in this case. And may the Creator bless Andy, his family, and all of the indigenous and people of color who become entangled in the system of ‘justice’ in Saskatchewan. The Peekeekoot case has proven that you will need more than competent legal representation to obtain true justice.” said Hughes.

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