Questions Remain In Shameful Death Investigation

June 4, 2016

Questions Remain In Shameful Death Investigation

The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR) is not so quick to “conclude” the investigation into the tragic death of Nadine Machiskinic. The chief coroner has released the Coroner’s Report concluding that Machiskinic’s death was “accidental”. The Coroner’s Office has stated that they do not normally release reports but chose to do so this time “because of the public attention around this case”. “We would suggest that the report was released in an attempt to quell the criticism around the shameful inaction of the Coroner’s Office, Regina Police Service (RPS), the Delta Hotel and medical personnel involved in treating Ms. Machiskinic after she was found critically injured. We note that, although the Coroner’s Report states that “The Regina Police Service has done a thorough investigation” it makes no reference to the fact that the investigation did not even begin until 60 hours later, after the Coroner finally contacted them.

SCAR is troubled by the comments by RPS spokespersons that the “case is concluded”, considering the admitted missing pieces of the investigation, including the absence of video surveillance and the fact that the RPS investigation didn’t even begin until 2 ½ days following Nadine’s death, after her personal effects apparently had been disposed of by the hotel.

SCAR agrees with the family, that “the whole investigation wasn’t dealt with with the urgency or importance” that was due. SCAR has long expressed concern about the, often stereotypical information that is passed between police, EMS and hospital medical personnel in such situations. We are left to wonder about the effects such thinking had on everyone involved in this case from start to “conclusion”.

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