Singh Brar 5/17/2008





Yarinder Singh Brar v RCMP, a major Canadian Human Rights case is now over. The case, which was finally referred to a Tribunal in 2006, was settled in Ottawa on Friday May 9, 2008 to the satisfaction of Sgt. Brar.

Sgt. Brar had alleged that he had been subjected to systematic racism and punitive retaliatory actions throughout his career in the RCMP, beginning even while he was in training at Depot Division in Regina. He also alleged that he had been the subject of a disproportionate amount of investigative and disciplinary actions when compared to other senior RCMP officers who committed serious offences against the code of conduct and RCMP Act with little or no consequences.

In 1992 Sgt. Brar filed a Canadian Human Rights Complaint that was resolved through conciliation in 1995.

Throughout his career, Sgt. Brar has displayed exceptional skill and abilities, which enabled him to hold several high profile positions within the force.

In 2003, Sgt. Brar was chosen to go to Sierra Leone as a member of Canada’s UN policing contingent. Again, Sgt. Brar performed superbly, as documented by reports and performance appraisals. Nevertheless, Stg. Brad alleged that he continued to experience racism. He alleged that two of his fellow RCMP members daily bullied local house staff, African residents, referring to them daily as “f__ing niggers,” “stupid f__ing niggers,” and “stupid f__ing bush monkeys.” Sgt. Brar alleged that, when he brought this abuse to the attention of the authorities; they failed to act on it.

Sgt. Brar alleged that, when the UN tour of duty was completed in October 2006, he was the only returning RCMP member to not be placed into another job.

All Sgt. Brar had ever asked for was to be recompensed for any real losses and damages and to have his career restored so that he could go on with his professional life and put his personal and family life back in order.

“Why would our national police force, one of the symbols of Canada itself, have to be forced to make that desire a reality” asked Bob Hughes, Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism spokesperson.

“I came to know Sgt. Brar when he was an instructor at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina. I found him to be a man of absolute integrity and high moral standard and someone who was like a breath of fresh air to communicate with,” stated Hughes.

“SCAR has been honoured to have been able to work with Sgt. Brar on this case and we salute the leadership which he and his family have shown for us all,” says Hughes.

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