About SCAR

Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism (SCAR)

SCAR is an group of individuals working together to eliminate racism where it exists. Specifically, we combat and fight racism in Saskatchewan while doing solidarity work with struggles against racism in other places. We promote the principles and practices of equality and respect for all human beings. We struggle against all forms of systematic and structural discrimination based on a person’s colour, race, language, national or ethnic origin, descent, class, gender, religious beliefs, mental and physical disability, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, or family constellation.

SCAR provides a forum for individuals, groups and organizations to combat racism.

SCAR advocates on behalf of individuals, groups and organizations struggling against racism.

SCAR promotes social and direct action to change institutional, structural and systematic practices and policies that are racist.

SCAR promotes public awareness about racism as well as practices that build equality and strengthen community.

United we can fight the systems and institutions of discrimination and exploitation.

An injustice against one is and injustice against all.